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NBC Communications is your single-source destination for all things telecom. From custom voice and data to storage solutions and telecom expensing: we ease the burden of telecom management with world class solutions and customer service. Established in 1995, our 25+ years of trusted service and industry experience means we are positioned to deliver any (and all!) high quality telecommunication services.

2024 Featured Products & Services

Cutting-edge innovation with top of the line technology that brings you automated telecommunications services to anyone, anywhere.

NBC EtherFax

EtherFax is the next generation of secure fax and document delivery, providing the fastest speeds in fax transmission along with end-to-end encryption. Experience rich document delivery backed by HITRUST and HIPAA compliance.

NBC helps you capture the leads you would have missed with our artificial intelligence chat bot. We can help you achieve 24/7 customer engagement that allows your customer to choose how they interact with you.

Cloud Based PBX / Call Center

Our Hosted PBX solution simplifies your telecom infrastructure at a fraction of the cost. Hosted PBX gives your business the mobility to communicate away from the office and our virtual system scales easily, providing 24/7 uptime that a fixed line system cannot guarantee.